Sunblock for Baby

As I wrote previously, we went to the beach and brought our darling baby with us. Now, knowing me and my baby, I knew that we will most probably swim at least once a day during our stay in Boracay, maybe even more. And knowing how hot the summer sun can get, and having read up on the damage and danger that prolonged and unprotected sun exposure can do to a baby’s sensitive skin, finding and buying the right sunblock for G became a matter of extreme importance.

A couple of months before the trip, I already started browsing the baby sections of department stores. In Sta. Lucia and SM’s Baby Company, I found Chicco High Sun Protection Cream with SPF 30 (This one costs around P300+, with discount). When I read the label though, it said there that it is for use for babies with dark or already tanned skin. As my baby is neither, I searched for another one.

Mothercare apparently has a line of sunblocks for babies, depending on their ages (not the Nivea line which is found in their website). However, when I asked for their line for a 1-year 4-month old baby, they said they ran out of stock (this was Mothercare in Trinoma). The price range for this sunblock is P800+. Browsing through their site though, I found a Banzai hat (so-named by us because our baby looked like a Japanese soldier wearing it :)) ); I bought it at Toby’s, for P600+.

The pedia also advised Johnson’s sunblock (haven’t seen this one), or Coppertone Water Babies. I was not able to find the latter in the supermarket, so I got Hawaiian Tropic Baby Faces with SPF 50. After I bought it, online US reviews got me scared; some were claiming that it stings and burns when applied. So I tried it by applying it on my entire face. 😛 At first I thought I felt stinging, but that was probably just me being paranoid. After a few seconds I felt nothing except relief. Just to be sure, I also put a dab on baby’s face, to see if he will have any allergic or other reaction. There was none, so that’s what he used.  We were happy with it, because there was no allergic reaction, it was easy to apply, and I think it did its job pretty well. 🙂


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