Just came back from voting! In our precinct at least, voting was orderly and smooth. The heat was a bit stifling though, and you have to come prepared with drinks and pamaypay in order to cool off a bit. We were lucky that voting is being held in a covered multi-purpose court whose sides are open so that the occasional summer breeze was able to get through and bring relief to the voters who patiently waited in line.

This election is actually more orderly than the previous ones, though it took us around 1 1/2 hours to finish everything. Perhaps it’s because everyone was still getting used to the automated manner of voting, including the voters and the Board of Election Inspectors.

The bonus is that even if there are lines, the Comelec has ruled that senior citizens, persons with disability and pregnant women are to be given priority and need not fall in line to vote. This is a great ruling, especially for moms-to-be who do not want to miss out on their chance to vote but who are apprehensive about the inconvenience and hassle. It is a fact that pregnant women have higher body temperatures than other people, and they get hotter easily, hence summer + crowded place = bleecchh. My advice (for preggers and non-preggers alike):

1. Make a list of who you want to vote for, so you don’t take too much time on the voting table;

2. Inspect your ballot for marks, tears, folds, etc. after the BEI Chairperson hands it to you, as you are only allowed one ballot; and

3. Bring water, snacks, and a fan to keep cool and hydrated, especially for the elderly who are more prone to heat stroke.

Have fun, and make your vote count!


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