A couple of weeks back, my pregnant friend and former officemate A texted me, asking about nursing bras and breast pads. She’s now on her 7th month and apparently has begun to leak colostrum. Now, that didn’t happen to me when I was preggers, but I read from several sources that it does happen.

As you may have heard, or are experiencing first hand, a soon-to-be mother’s breasts will increase in size in preparation for breastfeeding. Pregnant women may resort to bra extenders, and eventually to buying larger bras. I skipped the bra extenders altogether and got the bigger bras when my regular bras got too uncomfortable. I didn’t get a lot though, as I thought that I won’t be using them for too long.

Even through all my OC-ness and preparation, my baby G arrived a few weeks ahead of due date, and at that time I was really not yet done with my baby things shopping (and, I have to admit, there were stuff that I didn’t think to get; that will be the topic of another post :)). Included among the things I was not able to buy were nursing bras and breast pads.

In my defense, I was not able to buy nursing bras before I gave birth because: 1) G arrived ahead of schedule nga; and 2) it’s a bit difficult to buy bras when you don’t know how many sizes you’ll go up from your current one (for the inability to buy breast pads ahead, I have no defense.). However, my guess is I went a size and a cup bigger from my pregnancy size after I gave birth, especially once the milk came in. In the end, it was my husband, A, who bought the bras and the pads for me (hahaha!).

Going back to my friend, I told her that I got mine at SM department store, but the particular bra brand I got did not make nursing bras with cup sizes bigger than B. Now, a newly lactating mom most probably would need bras with bigger cup sizes (even me, and I am petite!). Since I was a new mom then though whose time was all taken up by caring for my baby, I cannot go out of the house for too long to search for nursing bras, and I eventually settled for those. I got them in bigger size but still in cup B. I figured that was the best I can do.

However, if you have the time (probably before you give birth is the best time to do it),  you can try shopping in the bigger department stores and malls. Specialty shops like Mothercare also carry nursing bras, and you will probably have better luck finding ones that fit there. My advice: just buy around 3, especially if you got the pricier ones, so that you’ll always have one to wear while the other/s are in the wash. Breast size will fluctuate you see; for example, once your baby starts solids, you’ll notice a decrease in breast milk supply, and subsequently a decrease in breast size ( I know, sad :P). Also, select ones which will be easy to snap/unsnap using just one hand; you’ll only be able to use one hand while you’re carrying your crying hungry baby.

As for breast pads, there are two kinds: disposable and reusable. I prefer the reusable kind; it’s more environmentally friendly, you don’t have to worry about running out of pads, the ones from Avent are made of cotton and therefore breathable and comfy, and you don’t have to worry about the pad disintegrating and bits and pieces of it being ingested by your baby. Avent makes really good ones; a pack of 3 pairs costs a little over P1000, and may be bought in SM Baby Company, among others. There are other cheaper ones though, you just have to ask around. Usually they’re found in the baby section of department stores, but again, specialty stores also carry those.

There you go. Hope you got the info you need. Happy shopping! 🙂


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