“It’s A Accident!”

When I became a mom, my maternal instincts really kicked in, and I felt attuned to my baby’s needs and everything else related to him. For example, we co-slept (and still do, actually) ever since he was about two weeks old. I was at first afraid to do so, fearing that I might crush him if I sleep beside him, but realized that I am easily awakened even by the slightest stir from him. This made breastfeeding so much easier, especially when he was still at that stage when he has to feed every two hours. No more crying in the middle of the night ’cause he’s hungry, as I was able to anticipate his needs.

Also kicking in is the protectiveness which I immediately felt with my baby when he was born. However, a year and five months of motherhood has made me realize that we as mothers can’t completely protect our children from all the dangers we can think of, whether big or small. Short of making G wear a helmet and knee pads all the time, scratches, bruises and bumps were inevitable. The best we can do is be vigilant, attentive and possess a nice big helping of foresight.

Of course, not all booboos can be foreseen, as I have experienced first hand (and much to my husband and baby’s chagrin :P). One time, I was taking care of G; we were sitting on the floor next to the coffee table playing. He was sitting, but not on his cutesy baby bum (I hope you can imagine the picture I’m trying to paint here šŸ™‚ ). All of a sudden he got out of balance and boink! hit his cheek on the leg of the coffee table. The result was a bruise on his face which lasted for a week :(.

What gives me comfort is that, contrary to what we may think and fear, it is true that babies are not as fragile as they look. šŸ™‚ They’ll cry when they get hurt, the intensity and duration of which depends on the degree of hurt they feel. And we comfort them and try to make them feel better. Then they get over it, forget and move on. And so will we. šŸ™‚


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