Today we said goodbye to my little boy’s 3rd (technically 4th) yaya. The first one asked to go even before my baby was born, and never even had the chance to do her actual job. The second one, J, was quite young and acted her age. She texted all the time, always went to the neighborhood sari-sari store to buy cellphone load and cigarettes, had a barkada in our street within her first month, and threatened to leave immediately when we denied an unreasonable request. We knew then that she had to go; while she did not make good her threat, we still felt that such an attitude should not be tolerated especially since I was already back at work then and will certainly be negatively affected if she were to leave in a huff with no decent notice. We immediately looked for a replacement.

Our third yaya, N, was middle-aged with two grown-up kids. At first she looked aloof, but eventually we warmed up to each other and became friends. For the first time after I went back to work, I felt that I was leaving my baby in good hands. Unfortunately she had a few health problems, including hypertension. She finally had to say goodbye when she felt that she does not have the staying power to bend down and run after the little boy all the while trying to avoid him hitting the wall or falling down or some other impending accident.

Our fourth yaya, G, was also good. She was tireless, very industrious, patient, a quick learner, and seemingly impervious to the bullying our manang sometimes subjected her to. Most importantly she, like N, seemed to love my baby. This last quality is really an important one for me, and I put a lot of premium on it. Aside from competence, this is what I look for in a yaya. If she loves my baby, then I’ll know that she won’t easily lose patience with him and will always look after him with love and care. She asked to leave because she has two small children in the province, and she was able to get some sort of financial assistance from the government which requires her to be there every month.

So now we’re on to our fifth. I hope that she’ll be as good as her last two predecessors. I hope we can be lucky in that respect for the third time in a row. πŸ™‚


Comments on: "Hello Yaya, Goodbye Yaya" (4)

  1. I so agree that aside from competence, it is important for the yaya to love my daughter also. It takes a lot of patience to care for a baby and without love patience flies out of the window pretty fast.

    Good luck with the new yaya!

    Yey, I will be reading your blog. I love reading other moms’ blogs. πŸ™‚ Keep writing! πŸ™‚

  2. To blog or not to blog, Chi? Paulo said I should blog about my culinary experiments.

    Keep writing, Chi. I need all the information and help I could get before Joaquin (may name na siya!) is born.

    Miss you!

    • Blog, Joycee! πŸ™‚ I find it helps me keep my thoughts organized, and also keeps me on my toes. Saka I love it that you guys find it informative, at least I feel that I’m not blogging for nothing. If I’m able to be of some help even to just one, happy na ako πŸ™‚

      Aba, aba, may name na siya, he is Ziggy no more!!! πŸ™‚ Miss you too Joycee, take care of yourself and Joaquin!

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