Interiors by Baby

When they say that a baby will change your life, be prepared, because the change also includes your house. 😛

In our case, it was not just the baby-proofing. Our living room used to look like this:

Now, the rug and coffee table are gone, the rug in order to avoid allergies and the table owing to an accident I wrote about previously. Our living room now looks like this:

It's been cleared! 🙂

Notice the coffee table now on the altar 🙂

As you can see, our living room has now been cleared in the middle so that our baby can run and jump to his heart’s delight without us fearing for his safety. Notice also that it has been turned into some sort of parking lot for baby’s wheeled things (stroller, walker, ride-on toy cars). In there also is a stack of extra rubber puzzle mats which we can assemble over the living room floor in a pinch. It’s actually a bit roomier now that we’ve packed up the playpen.

Of course, not spared from this redesign was our bedroom; our bed now has a bed rail so that our baby won’t fall to the floor; a couch which we set up on the foot of the bed as an additional harang, occupying what used to be the crib’s spot; a chest where we put baby’s clothes, on top of which are placed his diapers and other toiletries; the DVD shelf where we also put some of his board books; and of course, toys on the floor.

Not to be outdone, the library also received an overhaul; where it once housed our books and various abubot, half of it has been converted into a playroom for our little cutie:

Even though our house has been turned upside down and inside out, I absolutely have no regrets. Anyway, we have our manang around who manages to put some semblance of order into our house. The joy of having a baby is incomparable. I’ll just put my dream of a home worthy of Martha Stewart on hold in the meantime, no biggie. For now, I’m enjoying our home designed by baby. 🙂


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