“…yummy yum, yummy yum ang vitamins…”

I used to sing this last year whenever I’d give my baby his daily vitamins. Initially, I’d pump some milk (maybe an ounce), then add the vitamins to the milk which I will then feed him. A couple of months later, especially when I went back to work and no longer had the luxury of pumping just for the purpose of having it mixed with vitamins, and also upon the advice of my baby’s pedia, I stopped my earlier practice and gave the vitamins to him straight via the dropper included in the bottle. I sing my made-up “Vitamins” song, too, to get him distracted enough, and I suppose also so that my baby will find our vitamin-taking ritual an enjoyable one :P.

When we had our yaya N, she took over the giving of daily vitamins to my baby. But she retained the song :). We were actually lucky, because baby was very agreeable, and took his vitamins with nary a complaint, even when there were already 2 kinds of vitamins to take. In that sense I felt like I lucked out in the baby lottery.

The next yaya was also lista enough to give the vitamins to my baby. When she left, however, her replacement is a young and inexperienced teener, who, when I asked on her first day, was not able to give the vitamins to my baby. So I said no problem, I’d just give it myself. I thought she was too young anyway to be given such a responsibility.

And that’s when I noticed that the “medicine does not go down” as easily as before. Whereas before he was very cooperative, now there was much struggle and squirming and yelling and turning away of the head before I can give him his daily vitamins. Even when I was somehow able to manage to get him to open up for the medicine dropper, he’d sort of spit it out!

The next day, I thought of changing my tactic; instead of using a medicine dropper, I mixed the two in a tiny cup, and gave it to baby. Siguro nalito, because he took the cup and drank it in two gulps (the second one with intentional spillage, though). I thought I finally found the secret, but I was mistaken, because by the third day he refused to take the vitamins by cup or by dropper. What’s worse is he cried, with real tears and everything this time! And sadly, even my song did not work anymore.

So now, that’s my new challenge: how to get my baby to take his vitamins again. This one I’m not sure how soon I’ll be able to conquer. Guess my luck already ran out. 😛


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