A Day in The Life

…of a working mom. Taking care of  a toddler and a husband, running a household, and having a full-time job is not easy work. And, if you have househelp and yaya, it’s not mostly the physical work that’s really draining (except for those late-night wakings of your baby on a workweek, or those nights spent awake when he is sick); the mental and emotional toll is taxing as well. Your day is mostly a whirl of activity, and your mind is abuzz all day as well.

A typical day will include some, most, or all of the following:

  • feeding your baby when he wakes up (milk or solids)
  • giving him a bath
  • getting ready for work
  • traveling to and from work
  • actual office work
  • paying bills
  • going to the bank
  • doing the groceries
  • going to the grocery for the items “missed” during the last grocery run
  • buying other stuff baby needs which are not available in the grocery
  • playing with baby
  • reading him books
  • getting daily report from yaya about baby’s day
  • planning dinner
  • cooking dinner
  • baking cookies
  • checking the weather, because if it’s raining hard, Dad should come home immediately lest he gets stuck in traffic or worse, flood
  • feeding baby his dinner
  • giving baby his nighttime bath or sponge bath
  • getting him to sleep
  • accompanying sick baby/husband/yaya/helper to the doctor
  • contacting the repairman/repair shop for house repairs

And did I mention that a breastfed baby is virtually your shadow? Half of the time that we’re together, he’s lifting up my shirt for a drink :))


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