Production Number

Once I become a mom, I got closely acquainted with the term “production number,” because that’s what pretty much everything eventually turned out to be. Check-ups with the pedia, visits to parents, going to the mall, attending birthday parties, riding airplanes and going on out-of-town trips have suddenly become a lot more complicated, time-consuming and at times, mind-boggling.

First there is the matter of the Diaper Bag.  I need for this to be filled with everything which I think I will possibly need for the specific trip and considering baby’s age and interests. The Diaper Bag, in my case, has actually gone three evolutions. First, it was this lady-like bag from Baby Couture which my best friend gave me for my birthday, when I was already pregnant with my little cutie. Said bag, sadly, lasted only a few months, probably because I practically filled it to bursting with stuff that I, as a new and inexperienced and kinda paranoid mom, thought that I would need. And I actually needed all those things, in fairness to my judgment. The second one I got from Enfant; it was your standard, run-of-the mill diaper bag. It held all that I wanted to bring, and was sturdy enough to survive it. I eventually outgrew it, so we’re on to our third, a Mickey Mouse backpack. This is perfectly suited for now, as it leaves our hands free so that we can keep both hands on our kulit baby.

Second is the issue of Time Management. I realized that planning helps a lot, since there are a lot of uncertainties when it comes to trips, whether short or long, when it involves a baby. Therefore the time for preparation for going to a party basically doubled, while preparation for an out-of-town trip, which usually would just take around a day, suddenly increased to three at the very least.

Last is that these production numbers sometimes turn out to be a Puzzle, which needs some sort of solving. It’s definitely a puzzle how to get to the doctor on time for an appointment when you have a baby who doesn’t like his medicines and it takes you an hour to get him to take it, while arranging the “schedule” for the bathroom as your husband needs to leave for work roughly the same time you need to leave for the doctor, while arranging for everyone to eat their breakfast, yaya included, while trying to make sure that you are able to pack all you need in the Diaper Bag, while trying to figure out how the heck you’re going to make it to the office later.

Being a mom, I found out, means that you have to have your eyes on all aspects of home life. It gives a whole new meaning to the term Momager. 🙂


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