As a mommy to a growing boy, you discover that realistically, you cannot wear everything you used to wear. It may be because of dictations of necessity, norms, and sometimes even by common sense. Nevertheless, you try to test the limits to see how far you can go, with sometimes dire consequences. Apparently, “bringing it” is a bit hard logistically when you are trying to run after a precocious toddler such as my little squirt, Gabby.

1. Heels are no longer an option. For the weekends, at least, when you are out with your family in the mall or some other place for recreation. Even if they are comfy wedges. I have no doubt that women, even those who’ve become mommies (haha) can still run in heels with the best of them. Why heels are taboo for me when taking care of my son is this: heels make it harder for me to stoop down to reach him, especially when I’m trying to get him to stop running/jumping/generally putting himself in danger of toppling over or bumping his head. He runs fast, it’s hard to keep up!

2. Short skirts also. For the same reason as above, though I don’t really wear really short skirts or dresses, at least not without leggings or tights. This is because while you may be busy toddling after your toddler, you may already be giving the world behind you a good view of your behind.

3. Shirts or blouses with wide necklines are also out. Too bad because those slouchy blouses are so in right now. However, I almost experienced last night the horror of flashing an entire restaurant with my bra, because when my little one was unable to access my breasts for milk from under my shirt, he pulled it from the top.

4. Loose blouses and shirts also. Even though they will give you a lot of freedom and comfort, it makes it very easy for your hungry baby to raise it up for milk. Let’s make it harder for him, shall we, for the benefit of our modesty? šŸ™‚


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