Frayed and Exhausted

It’s been an exhausting couple of months. It all started when Gabby’s yaya returned from the province sick; she then passed on the virus to my son, who in turn passed it on to me, with Anzen getting sick in between. After a week of all of us being healthy, Gabby got sick again, then me again. I had barely recovered when our manang got sick too, as in for an entire week. With chills and dizzy spells and high fever and everything. There was no one to take care of the house, to clean and cook and do the laundry and the ironing. I mean, we can hardly expect the yaya to do all of that herself on top of taking care of the baby, which job in itself requires full all-day attention. So I had no choice but to take a couple of days off work and be all household queen. Even when I had to go to work I was still making sure that everything’s all right at the home front before I left for the office.

It was exhausting, I tell you. I had no idea that ironing clothes was so tiring, that you really do get pasma when you wet your hands after ironing (which I did),  and that you’ll wake up the next morning with your entire body aching from the ordeal. Those gusot-mayaman barongs really did me in. On the positive side, I discovered that necessity made me a pretty able cook, far from my usual palpak self. I also only now experienced the full-on stress of having to run the household full-time while holding on to a job. It was very difficult to take care of everything, as in everything in your house, including taking your kasambahay to the doctor almost daily, and monitoring her temperature and making sure that she is okay, on top of all the house stuff that needed to be done, on top of taking care of your baby, on top of working sometimes even from home. My nerves are frayed and my body is breaking down (sure sign: I’m on the verge of yet another illness), even though we now have got some breathing room as our manang had gotten better slowly but surely. Gaah.


Comments on: "Frayed and Exhausted" (2)

  1. naku chi, sana maging totally well na si sana di ka magkasakit.mahirap tlga to keep house.i still have tons of laundry and tons of newly washed clothes to sort and arrange in their respective marami na rin dapat i-iron.waaaah.

    • hi golds! oo nga, thanks. hahahahaha, nakakaloka ano? 🙂 and good luck on your efforts to keep house. we are grownups na, hehe.

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