Stroller Power

Before Gabby was born and a few days after his birth, we were thinking of what things to buy. Some, we already bought a few months beforehand, like the playpen. Others, like the crib, we borrowed. There are others which were given to me as gifts. There are those which won’t be used by Gabby until a few months later, so we put buying them on hold. Some, we didn’t think were on the essentials list, so we waited (and wished) for someone to give it to us. So that’s what we did for the stroller: we didn’t buy it immediately, in the hopes that someone would buy it for us. Thanks Mom and Mike. 🙂

Eventually I realized, with the help of my mom, my sister and my aunt, that strollers are not just for walking with baby in the park or the mall (though we used it for those purposes too; sorry, no pictures). Below is a picture of Gabby when he was a few months old, hanging out in our terrace:

Using the stroller for hanging out at the terrace

Aside from that, I learned that I can use it as a high chair substitute, for feeding Gabby:

Before we got him his high chair, we used to feed him seated in his stroller

My handsome boy 🙂

We got a high chair eventually because I can’t stand the stroller getting dirty with all the food he smears on it 🙂

Gabby testing out his high chair for the first time

Now, since he’s gotten all big boy on us, he won’t sit still on the stroller to be pushed around; he likes to walk, or rather, run and jump around, himself. But we found a new use for the stroller:

We use it to get him to fall asleep! Because he’s gotten heavy and tall, it’s a bit of a challenge for us to rock him to sleep in our arms, especially for me. Hence, we took a page from my sister’s and Tita Fely’s books, and used the stroller to rock him to sleep. When it’s nap time or sleep time, we strap him in, give him his bottle, and push the stroller to and fro, until he falls asleep. We just make sure that he doesn’t get too warm, and he’s okay. 🙂 Then when he’s already sleeping, we transfer him to the bed. 🙂

So. Even if Gabby doesn’t like traveling by stroller anymore, his stroller is still not going on temporary retirement.

At least until he couldn’t fit in it anymore.


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