When I was pregnant and with all-day morning sickness, I did not have the energy, the inclination nor the insensitive nose and stable stomach to sit through a 2-hour movie. I figured it was such a hassle to watch a movie in a theater when I’d be getting the urge to go throw up right in the middle of an exciting scene, and where I have to go down the stairs in semi-darkness. Just not my thing. So we had to wait until my morning sickness eased off, and even then I found it too cumbersome to go, especially since people tend to bring in smelly food in the theater (at least where we watched).

So imagine my horror when we watched a movie sometime ago in Sta. Lucia. It was the last full show of Inception, I think. We now watch the last full show of movies we want to see, because by then Gabby is already sleeping. We sat in the third row or thereabouts, in the middle column. Before the movie started, a sorta-chubby girl wearing a dress sat beside me, accompanied by 2 guys. During the movie, they were eating, and the girl in particular ate Nova. The smell was bearable, but what happened next was not. Apparently the girl was pregnant (that’s why she looked chunky, hahaha!). And you know what gave her away? She was throwing up in a plastic bag. Inside the movie theater. In the middle of the movie! I thought, what the???? And the guy beside her (probably the father of the baby) was stroking her back while she was throwing up, asking her if she was alright.

Hay naku. I know you’ re pregnant and all, pero konting consideration for others naman. First of all, that’s gross, Miss. Second, if you knew you’d be throwing up like 3 times during a movie, you could have just stayed home and spared us, the other moviegoers, from that icky spectacle. If not, you could have chosen a more isolated seat. Or you could have at least sat between your two bodyguards, and not me! No need to sit right beside an unsuspecting stranger, right?


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