Baby, Baby, Quite Contrary

I’ve always thought that, aside from the first month of relactation and the few weeks of long crying bouts which I feared was colic (but thankfully was not), I’ve had an easy time of it being a mom.

Now I think my baby’s catching up with me.

It seems that what the books are saying as the “golden age” of babyhood (roughly from 6 months to a year) is true; it is at that point that babies are most agreeable and you can get them to do everything with a smile on their face and an eagerness to try out new things.

My baby’s nearing two (he’s a year and nine months old), and I’m starting to fear the onset of the “Terrible Twos” stage. In my baby’s case, I think it’s here NOW.

Whereas before, medicine go down like milk, now there’s much struggle and shouting and crying and thrashing about and kicking Mommy which occurs (and a lot of quick tempers flaring up in the process–mine) before we finish with our daily ordeal.

Brushing of teeth is also now a battle of wills. Whereas before, I can brush his teeth how much I want to, now all tricks have to be considered to get him to open up, with the discovery that his wailing in protest is actually a GOOD thing, as I can then swoop in and clean his teeth and mouth more effectively than when he’s trying to clamp his mouth shut.

Bath time, that most enjoyable activity of his, has turned into a game of “How much can I drench Mommy today?” After giving my baby a bath, I’m so drenched I need to take a bath myself.

And how about that simple activity called nail trimming? Don’t like it? I’m starting not to like it too, baby, what with your protests and cries, except that I (and you, too, my dear) get cuts all over because of the jagged edges of your nails, which you now bite.

I don’t even want to think about the efforts I usually have to spend now just to change my baby’s diaper in a mall.

I’m not saying that it’s all bad, though. My baby’s actually the sweetest and nicest baby there ever was. At least when he’s not practicing his oppositionist tendencies on me. πŸ™‚


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