My 1-year, almost-10-months old baby recently had tigdas hangin or baby measles, also called roseola infantum.

Two weeks ago, my baby Gabby had colds and cough. At around dawn on Monday last week, he felt feverish; I took his temperature via ear thermometer and got confirmation that he has fever, for which I gave him baby paracetamol (I used Tempra). He had fever on and off for the rest of the day and night. The next day, with his fever still subsisting, I brought him to the doctor, who suspected that he has tigdas hangin. She said that tigdas hangin is uso (prevalent) nowadays. She also said that if her diagnosis is correct, the fever will last for 3 days, and that rashes will appear on Day 4, so we shouldn’t panic if we see rashes appear.

On Day 4, some rashes indeed started to appear on his neck and tummy, but he still had fever. In order to rule out dengue, we brought him back to the doctor who ordered a complete blood count (CBC) and platelet count. An hour (and many screams and cries from Gabby, hehe) later, we got the results of the tests: his platelet count was high, and the CBC indicated a viral infection, consistent with the earlier diagnosis of tigdas hangin. He did not have fever after that, but surely enough, more rashes started to appear on his tummy, back, and eventually, his face, arms and legs. The rashes did not seem to bother him, though. And once he stopped having fever, his healthy appetite went back with a vengeance (though not his appetite for his formula; I’m thinking he’s gotten sawa (tired) of the taste of his milk). We were in a bit of a worry though, as he is part of the entourage for the wedding of Anzen’s friends, which was last Sunday. We were afraid that his rashes wouldn’t be gone by then. I was praying for at least, no rashes on his face (the rest of the body will be all covered up by his barong tagalog and pants, anyway :P). Luckily, by the time Sunday rolled by, the rashes on his face were gone, and those on the rest of his body have started to fade, too.

So what is baby measles or tigdas hangin? We didn’t know much about it initially, except that the doctor said that it is not contagious, and my mother said that the rashes which accompany it fade faster that those caused by ordinary measles. Here’s what I learned, based on my experience with Gabby, as well as what I unearthed during my research:

  1. the rashes are not itchy at all, as Gabby seemed to be totally unaware of them;
  2. the fever is a bit on the high side, and will last for at least 3 days (Gabby had fever of up to 38.9 C, at least, for 4 days; says that the fever will last for 3-5 days);
  3. It is contagious only during the febrile period, or when the child has fever; once the rashes appear (which is usually when there is no more fever), he is no longer contagious;
  4. The rashes are concentrated mostly on the trunk; in fact, Gabby’s rashes on his tummy and back were, at one point, so numerous and close together that they did not look like individual rashes but more like big red welts;
  5. The ones who usually get infected are babies and toddlers;
  6. The severity and the duration of the rashes differ from person to person; Gabby was pretty much covered in rashes from head to toe, and the rashes started to fade by the third day, though by the 5th day there are still some left. My sister said her son Nikoi only had a few rashes on the face and neck, I think, during his bout with baby measles when he was about 4 years old. Per, the rashes typically last for 24-48 hours;
  7. it is caused by the HHV-6 virus;
  8. apparently, you develop some sort of immunity to the disease once you contracted it;
  9. there is no drug or medicine for this, it being viral; you just let it run its course. Of course, if the baby has fever, you give him paracetamol to relieve him, as well as sponge baths every so often so that he will feel relief from his elevated body temperature;
  10. give your baby lots of water, and plenty of nutritious food and rest;
  11. give your baby lots of love and attention, as it will make him feel less cranky and improve his mood even if he’s feeling crappy from the sickness. 🙂

Here’s a picture of the rashes, which I found on

Kawawa naman, right?


Comments on: "Baby Measles or Tigdas Hangin (Roseola Infantum)" (32)

  1. hi! i’m seeing rashes on my baby too (2yrs old male). his fever were gone yesterday (had seen a hilot and the hilot mentioned that he’s got a tigdas hangin which turned out to be true as I don’t really believe at first).
    I hope you could enlighten us if a baby having tigdas hangin is allowed to take a bath or just a sponge bath mentioned above.
    thank you.

    • Hi Lissa,, sorry for the late reply. I gave Gabby regular baths as soon as his fever subsided, even if he still had rashes.

  2. reggine olesco said:

    hi.. my baby got rashes.. my neighbor said that it was a tigdas hangin.. then my hipag said that it’s really a tigdas because i notice to my baby that some spots had a “nana”.. now is sunday, all clinics are close.. please give me a little advise on what my baby encountering.. thanks..

    • Hi Reggine, I realize this is a late reply to your comment. Hope your baby is okay. I’m not a doctor so I can’t tell you exactly kung anong sakit ng baby mo. For me, whenever my baby’s sick, I do read up and research, but I always bring him to the doctor. Just so we know for sure what’s the matter and we can treat it accordingly. Saka even though you may find books and the internet helpful, yung doktor pa rin ang mas makakaalam kung ano yan, because they will ask you questions about the symptoms, etc.

      Kapag Sundays naman and clinics are closed, and you need to bring your baby to a doctor, you can go to the ERs (emergency room) of any hospital, they will be open 24/7 kahit Sundays and holidays. Laging may pediatrician dun who can see your baby. Kami we’ve brought our son a few times to the ER na, either kapag late na sa gabi, or Sunday. Once even on Christmas day. 🙂

  3. Marietonie said:

    ung baby ku mg’3 months pa Lang dis apriL 23 . meron din tumutubong rashes . sbi nLa tigdas hangin daw . posibLe bng nhawa Lng baby ku ? kc ung 6mos oLd baby ng bayaw ku nagkatigdas hangin dn . pg gLing na pg gLing nia nLagnat nman baby ku . kasama namin siLa sa isang bahay . may ngsbi naman tigdas daw tLga ung sa baby ku kc tulog ng tulog . advised nman pls .

    • Hi Marietonie, hope your baby’s well. It is possible that your baby contracted tigdas hangin since he/she was exposed to someone who had it as they live in the same house. It’s best, though, to go to a pediatrician for a check up, para alam nyo what it really is. Because while possible na tigdas hangin yan, it could also be something else, di ba? Importante na malaman ng doktor kung ano yung sakit para she can tell you how to treat it. Good luck!

  4. Hi.. may tigdas hangin din ang 8 month old baby ko ngayon. Last 3 days kc may low fever sya. 37.5-38.1 ang range. minsan nga hindi mo maramdaman agad kung may lagnat kc hindi naman ganun kainit ang katawan nya pero ung mga singit at kili kili nya eh mainit kapag kinuhaan mo ng temperature. Cguro dahil sa sipon, kc may konteng sipon din sya a day before sya lagnatin. pero the next day nawala naman ung sipon nya then saka naman sya nilagnat. Akala ko nga dahil sa teething. kc tinutubuan din sya ng ngipin. pero nung magbasa ako onlie about teething eh hindi naman daw nagcacause ng lagnat ang pagiipin. So dinadala ko sya sa doctor second day palang ng lagnat nya. kc nga ang lagnat ay sintomas lang ng totooong sakit nya. So dinala ko sya sa clinic. Blood test and urine test sana pero blood test lang ang ginawa sa kanya kc hindi pa sya naihi. Pero base sa diagnosis ng doctor, viral infection daw at allergy. Possible din daw na may UTI. At sinabi ko nga na possible na may UTI kc dati kapag nagwiwi ang baby ko ay puno ang diaper sa magdamag. at light lang ang color ng wiwi. Pero lately konte lang sya magwiwi at medyo dark yelo ang color. So nagreseta na ung doctor ng antibacterial (cefixime drops). Then nagcontinue parin ang lagnat nya ng mga 2 days pa. And nung wala na syang lagnat saka naman naglabasan ung mga rushes. Akala ko side effects lang ng gamot, medyo loose din ang stool nya. Pero sabi ng nanay ko ibalik ko daw sa doctor at baka kung ano na yun. So that day binalik ko rin sya sa doctor. At pinaulit ung blood test. BUmaba ung allergy level nya pero ung viral infection ay tumaas. And she concluded na ito at tigdas hangin.. Meron syang niresetang gamot Antiviral/immunomodulator (Methisoprinol Isoprinosine) syrup (php200 sa generika). In 3 days daw mawawala na ung rashes nya. Until now may mga rushes pa sya medyo mas dumami since twice palang syang umiinom ng gamot. hopefully in two days pa ay mawala na mga rushes nya.

    • Hi Ines, hope your baby’s well na. If may sakit ang baby and may new symptoms like what happened here, tama talaga to bring her back to the doctor.

  5. makati ba ang tigdas? kasi after nawala yonh fever ng anak ko nagkaroon cya ng pamumula sa leegs at kamay……….tapos makait masyado, hindi cya masyado nakkatulog ng dahil sa kati,, tanong ko lang po kung simptoms ba yon na may tigadas cya .tns

    • Hi Gang, mukhang hindi makati yung rashes ng tigdas hangin, hindi naman napansin ng baby ko yung rashes. Baka iba yung sakit ng anak mo? To be sure, bring your child to the doctor na lang. Hope okay na sya.

  6. hello..ask ko lng po if the tigdas hangin po b ay parang bungang araw at yung iba parang nagtutubig?tnx

  7. Hi, my 7 months old baby, me sipon,lagnat at ubo cia ngaun, dnala q cia sa pedia nia and sbi nga eh mgkakatigdas hangin cia, ngwo2ry lng aq kasi, umabot ng 39.9 un fever nia, then sa gabi lng cia nlalagnat,pa 2 days na nia me lagnat ngaun,

  8. hi po.. un pong baby ko is almost 1 week n po xa sinisipon.. di naman po maxado malala tapos mga 4days po xa na may sipon nilagnat po xa 3days at may mga kagat po ng hindi ko alam sa katwan nya sa mga braso at binti pati sa mukha nya.. dinala ko po xa sa pedia kaya lang daw po nilagnat c babyb dahil sa sipon niresetahan po ako ng antibiotic at iba pa pong gamot like amroxol at disudrin.. naprex sa lagnat wala na po xa lagnta ngayun kaya lang po bgla nalang may lumabas na parang rashes na bungang araw sa forehead nya.. tsaka po medyo malamlam mata nya.. tapos po ngayun kumakalat na ung rashes nya sa likod at sa dibdib nya she’s 8 months old po.. tigdas hangin po kaya un?? at san po nakukuha un?? tnx po Godbless

  9. vivienne centeno said:

    hi goodeve im vivienne centeno and my baby is exactly 1year and 9months and like what happened to your baby gab the same thing happening with my baby jace now.. is it ok if i give him ventilation like electric fan or aircon in our room? i also do take him a bath after he had fever for 3days and at the 4th day rashes came out within his body including face and today is the 2nd day he have more rashes in his body and face..

    • hi, sorry for the late reply. when my baby was sick with tigdas hangin we still used electric fan and aircon to make him comfortable, so I would say that based on experience there’s no problem with that 🙂

  10. thanks for the info…yung 10 mos. old baby ko din may tigdas hangin sya ngayon…masyado kaming na bother kasi uso pa naman dengue dito sa min…so nung more than 24 hrs na yung fever nya …we decided na pa test na yung dugo nya..thanks God ok yung result nya. then after that day dun na nag start lumabas yung parang bumalik kami sa pedia…and confirm na tigdas nga sya..

  11. Marc Deogracias said:

    it was very funny for me. @ AGE 50 I GOT MY baby measles hehehe.

  12. My son also had fever for 3 days at during night time ang taas ng lagnat nya.when i brought him to the pedia,pinag-cbc and urinalysis.ung wbc nya is lower than the normal range kya pinarepeat nya cbc.ung rbc nya sa urinalysis 2-4 and she gave antibiotic. aftr 2 days n walang lagnat i noticed rashes appearing on his mom said its tigdas hangin.gnagamot b ang tigdas hangin?

    • hi, sorry for the late reply. since tigdas hangin is viral, there’s no medicine for it and you just let it run its course. paracetamol for fever lang 🙂

  13. go4progress said:


  14. noel zamora said:

    hi!i read your blog and i think it helped me calm down a bit from being panic because my wife told me a minute ago that our baby had a tigdas…i guess i need to trust you in this when you said there are no medication for this type of virus…thanks maam..@leon_aromaz24

    • hello! hope your baby is already well. the doctor said that there’s no medicine for it, as it is viral and we just have to let the illness run its course. i find it helps to take my child to a doctor as soon as he becomes ill. that way, the illness is caught asap and also we become informed about whatever it is making our child sick and the appropriate medicines/treatments for it.

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  16. Very helpful indeed!

  17. My 7 months old baby girl had a fever for 3 days esp at night her temperature become highs gave her paracetamol after that rashes came out at her face, neck they told me its tigdas is it advisable for her to take a bath and use electric fan?

  18. Jennefer A. Baylon said:

    .in the morning my baby got tigdas hangin  hope on the 3rd day rashes will be gone esp. on the face

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