Cooking Mommy

I must confess: I am not a great cook.

When I was young, my parents made sure that we did not grow up to be spoiled princesses, and made us work around the house: during summers, we were required to wash dishes everyday. I also used to hang around with our kasambahays when they’re doing their work, so I learned how to wash clothes, clean the house and buff the floors; I even learned how to iron clothes by watching them do it. The one thing, however, that I was not able to learn, was how to cook. By the time I got married, the only thing I can do in the kitchen is cook hotdog.

Being that my husband was a better cook than me, I resolved to (slowly but surely) learn how to cook. After all, what my friend Cgel said was correct: kids always remember their mothers’ distinct cooking. I wanted to be able to cook for my husband and my Gabby, and I want them to like what I cook. 🙂

The experiments started with spaghetti, then carbonara; there was also one time I attempted bistek (not good), and french toast (horrible). I actually found out that I am better at baking: my choco chip cookies were great hits, time and again. But I guess necessity really is the mother of, not invention in my case, but cooking well: it was when our kasambahay got sick for a week and there’s no one to cook that I was forced to do so in order to feed my boys. Happily for the eaters of my cooking, the food I was able to churn out were good. 🙂 I cooked sinigang na baka sa bayabas, suam na mais, and fried chicken.

Now that I have a bit more confidence in the kitchen, I started to be more “adventurous,” and took on cooking challenges. Though my cooking is by no means perfect or great, I am slowly getting more adept in the kitchen. I am optimistic that the time will come when I can be proud of my cooking skills, and my Anzen and Gabby will love whatever I make them eat. 🙂


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