We went to church last Sunday morning, and I got offended!

Not by the church itself or the ceremony, but by one of the ubiquitous Mother Butler Guild members. You know, the respectably-dressed older ladies who assist during Mass?

We arrived a little after the Mass already started, so Gabby, his yaya and I went to stand at the back. He was quiet, just singing a bit in low tones, and walking a few steps. Then one of the “Mothers” stopped Gabby’s yaya and said “Sa labas na lang kayo”. Which got me mad.

First, my baby wasn’t disturbing anyone; he wasn’t even shouting or crying or running up and down the aisle. Second, and more important in my opinion, is that I bring my baby to Mass whenever weather permits because I want him to get used to the idea that Mass is part of our Sunday schedule. I want to train him, so that Sunday Mass becomes part of his routine when he grows up. I want to instill in him the idea that Sunday Mass is an obligation for us Catholics, so that it becomes a part of him. And that’s why I got so offended with the Mother’s attitude. I will understand if my baby was being disruptive; in fact, I’d be the first person to get him outside the church. Otherwise, shouldn’t she just have left us alone? Shouldn’t she be glad that we’re attempting to raise our child to become a church-going person someday?

Just saying.


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