How do you keep your sanity when your toddler has tantrums???

From first-hand experience, I can tell you that it’s verrrrrry hard!!!!

Sometimes, no matter how much I try to have endless patience and understanding, he catches me on a bad day, either because of pressures from work, managing the household, sickness or just plain exhaustion. Then I snap, scream or get super stern, contrary to the advice of baby books and experts. And oh, how it makes me feel like a bad mother 😦

It’s an endeavor which requires constant effort. Because no matter how lovable and cute and adorable my little tyke is, and no matter how much I love him, there are times when I just can’t take the screaming and whining anymore and I simply want to tear my hair out.

How do I deal with it?

I guess what’s most effective for me is always keeping in mind that, no matter how much my toddler seems to be able to understand me, he is still a little kid, still developing, still maturing; that he needs my constant guidance to know whether what he is doing is right and wrong; and most importantly, he needs constant reassurance from me that I love him and always do.

Sometimes though, a mere smile can cool even the hottest of heads. 🙂


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