Toothbrush Time for Gabby

Toothbrushing is not one of Gabby’s favorite activities. Or, to be more accurate about it, he’s fine with toothbrushing–until I take over the brush. Thing is, I can’t not take over; otherwise, he’ll have yellow teeth and cavities before his third birthday. So we just restrain him and I brush away πŸ™‚ But since he hates it so much, I tried to think of ways to shorten the ordeal for him, but at the same time making sure that the job gets done properly.

Before, we used baby toothbrushes–

Oral-B Stages Baby Toothbrush

But less than a month of use (and biting!), and the toothbrushes look like this —

Flyaway na ang toothbrush (left, Pigeon; right, Oral-B Stages)

Up close and personal

I figured, there has to be a better way to get his teeth clean, one that is faster and more effective considering that Gabby squirms a lot during brushing time. Also, replacing a P150+ toothbrush every month is bound to be expensive. That’s when I thought of getting him an electric toothbrush:

The electric toothbrush (from Watsons) costs around P300+, but the replacement heads cost about P180+ for a set of 4 heads. It’s less expensive to just replace the heads every month in the long run. I noticed also that it’s easier to really clean Gabby’s teeth using an electric toothbrush. My nephew also hates having his teeth brushed, and my sister also got electric brushes for him and his kuya, and she said that their teeth are cleaner compared to when she used the usual baby toothbrushes.

I can attest to the truth of that fact, too. Gabby’s teeth used to be hard to clean with a regular toothbrush, especially since he is so uncooperative. But when we started using the electric toothbrushes, his teeth really got cleaner and whiter. The rotating bristles really do a good job. πŸ™‚

Aside from the above, I also got Steripod toothbrush holders, also from Watsons. Aside from keeping the brush safe from bugs and critters, it also sterilizes the toothbrush while in the pod.

As for toothpaste, I use Pigeon baby toothpaste for Gabby. The tube below costs around P100, if I’m not mistaken. But it lasts long, because I just smear a bit on the bristles, I don’t even use the recommended pea-size amount. Pigeon toothpaste is good because it does not contain fluoride. And it smells yummy, too. It comes in strawberry and orange flavors. Dentists recommend not using fluoride-based toothpaste for children who cannot spit them out, because excess fluoride in the system apparently causes teeth discoloration.

I also saw these tooth and gum wipes at SM Baby Company, where I also buy the toothpaste. It’s great for when you are out and OC and want to clean your baby’s teeth. πŸ™‚ Or when you already brushed his teeth, and he ate something else and you want to avoid another screaming fit. The only hazard here is if your baby is a biter; it really hurts (I should know, Gabby bit me!)


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  1. We have several patients with issues getting their toddlers to brush. Great idea to use an electric toothbrush to eliminate the battle of brushing!
    Another tip is posted on our blog (posted below). This parent makes brushing teeth a game with the “zoo in your mouth” technique. Could be another way to encourage brushing for Gabby!

    • Thanks for the tip! I will try it one of these days πŸ™‚
      Aside from shortening brushing time and cleaning teeth more effectively, Gabby also actually likes it when he brushes using the electric toothbrush, probably because of the buzzing feel of the brush. He’s actually able to clean the interior surfaces of his teeth on his own, I just take over afterward to ensure all surfaces are brushed.

  2. I also bought the Dora electric toothbrush for my baby, Gabby (also 2.5) and she was being cooperative at first but after how many days, nawala na yung excitement nya . So I bought a Dora toothpaste the next day and she was so excited to use pa naman but then she got traumatized coz even with the electric brush, she still kept on biting it and na stuck yung bristles sa throat nya and she had to puke! Right now, I just have wipe her teeth if given a chance. Hehe. Bahala nlang but I always make sure to let her drink water after every eating.

    • oh no! So sorry to hear about the bristles getting stuck on your Gabby’s throat. It must have been painful for her! My Gabby also lost his excitement over the electric toothbrush after a couple of weeks but up to now we still use the electric toothbrush, I just replace the head once it gets too buhaghag. He bites it also, probably to stop me from brushing his teeth πŸ™‚ He’s very wais that way, hehe. Sometimes we sing songs, sometimes we count, sometimes I brush my teeth at the same time as he does. It’s quite challenging, ‘no?

      It’s also been said that cheese helps in keeping teeth healthy, it has certain properties which either kills bacteria or coats the teeth (i forgot what, exactly).

      Make sure also to make her drink water after drinking milk, especially at night, to prevent the milk pooling in the mouth and its sugars wreaking havoc on her teeth. And good luck with our efforts to give our little ones clean and healthy teeth! πŸ™‚

  3. The steripod is a bit pricey coz every 3 months you have to replace it. about watsons electric toothbrush, how do you replace the head. Mine looks and feels stucked. Parang mahirap tanggalin para mapalitan na yung bristle. How do you do it. Thanks

    • Hi Lulu, yes it is a bit pricey, but I think I replace the steripod around 4-6 months instead of 3. I got it mainly just to keep the toothbrush protected and clean, never mind if the sterilizing action no longer works. πŸ™‚ Para lang hindi mapuntahan ng creepy crawlies.

      As for replacing the brush head, you twist the stem of the brush head a little counterclockwise, then you’ll feel it loosen. You can then pull it out and replace it by putting in a new one and twisting it in clockwise a little until it’s tight.

  4. […] to buy Iya a rotating toothbrush. I found out about Watsons brand electric toothbrush in this blog post. I also read in baby websites that electric toothbrushes make toddlers’ teeth cleaner and […]

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