When a toddler is learning to talk, being on the sidelines is so much fun. They may not be able to get it right all the time, but it’s certainly not for lack of trying. And being right there when they try is priceless.

As I related in an earlier post, Gabby’s language skills blossomed around two months before his second birthday. Now, he can already make us laugh, either because of his unexpected answers to our questions, or because he imitates a lot of what we say (and do) that we are just always amazed and enthralled and eagerly awaiting what he will do next.

However, his speech is not yet perfect. He has difficulty pronouncing the “f” sound (“pish” instead of “fish”), though he can actually pronounce the letter F. He also has trouble with “r” and “l” sounds: therefore, “ice cream” becomes “ice cweam“; “car” is “can“; “battery” is battewy“. In the same vein, “alcohol” is currently “ancohon“, and “lolo” and “lola” are “wowo” and “wowa,” respectively. “S” sounds he can deal with, except when it comes at the beginning of a word. That’s where Ate Tutan (Ate Susan) comes in. You get the picture.

There are instances, though, when even that simple formula is turned upside down. “Migogots” is actually Progress Gold, his formula (no, I don’t know why either). “Pipapan” is electric fan. “Oyoyo” is Oreo.

I’m actually turning into a Gabbynese expert. 🙂 Pakiken*, anyone?



Comments on: "Migogots, Pipapan and Oyoyo" (5)

  1. Ate Chi, do you remember when Alissa used to pronounce electric fan as eletifen and tachi as chachi? 🙂

  2. Gotta LOVE the language of the young. My 3 year old Logan has some pretty interesting translations. For example, you know that saying “Give me strength!” Well he says, in a properly exasperated tone: “Give me strings!”

    Wanted to let you know that I have a new blog and if you choose to subscribe to that one, you’ll have to visit it at http://sheswrite.net and click Subscribe2. No pressure to do so, but wanted to give you the update.

    Thanks for your support!


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